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Application questions of powder coating

Why doesn't the gun control show any Kv reading? Possible Causes:
  • Loss of power to the unit.

  • Failure of LED driver (circuit board)

  • Internal gun failure (cascade)

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Why does powder surge from the gun?

Possible Causes:

  • Not enough supplemental or forward air to keep the powder in suspension while moving through the powder hose.

  • Improper seal between the powder injector and the lift tube in the gun feed hopper.

  • Possible blockage in the powder path from buildup or impact fusion. Check the gun tube, powder hose, and pump insert.

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Why does the powder drift out of the openings of the spray booth?

Possible Causes:

  • Not enough containment air flowing through the booth and recovery system.

  • Cartridge filters not receiving adequate cleaning. Increase pulse down air pressure or volume.

  • Cartridge filters nearing the end of their expected life.

  • Final filters becoming clogged. Note that final filter clogging may be related to poor upstream seals or leakage of powder in the recovery.

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Why do I need to add virgin powder to my reclaim?

As virgin powder is applied, the larger particles more readily stick to the part. This leaves the over sprayed powder with a lower average particle size. As this occurs during each cycle through the system, the recovered material may become laden with fine particles. Eventually, the reclaimed material will be nearly unmanageable in both fluidization and application.

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What is impact fusion?

Friction may cause powder particles to fuse along the walls of the powder hose and other components in the powder delivery path. Impact fusion is the combining of these powder particles to form a solid mass during the delivery and application process.

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What does proper fluidization look like?

The fluidized material should take on fluid-like characteristics. It should have an appearance similar to that of water simmering on low heat. The material should not be boiling hard.

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What is electrode-rinsing air?

Electrode-rinsing air is a feature that provides circumferential air that keeps the electrode free of powder build-up to ensure consistent maximum charging efficiency of the gun.

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Why won't the powder stick to the part? Possible Causes:
  • Gun or control failure resulting in a loss of Kv at the gun.

  • Inadequately grounded parts due to dirty hangers or poor conveyor grounding.

  • Electrical contact failure to the electrode or excessive powder buildup resulting in a loss of charge potential.

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What is the difference between Style and Zone gun triggering?

Zone triggering typically relates to the guns automatically spraying when a photo eye or a light curtain is used to determine the vertical zone is broken or that a part is present in that particular zone (the part opening may be broken into multiple zones).

Style triggering generally uses multiple means of sensing in order to identify the part type or style. The guns then trigger on or off based on a recipe or pre-set parameters pre-programmed by the user.

The fundamental difference between zone and style is that zone formats do not care what the part is, since they paint by size. Style must recognize each part or family in order to know how to paint.