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Cost accounting fluorocarbon coating has several determinants?

A first fluorocarbon coating thickness directly affects the cost of construction fluorocarbon paint. Fluorocarbon coating thickness directly determines that construction materials used more with less, thus affecting the cost.

Second, the situation on the ground, especially in the low-cost thin coating account for the cost of big, some cement or concrete floor almost no serious lack of maintenance, which wasted a lot of epoxy resin, a lot of the construction team found that primer coating 2,3 views are not properly blocked, causing a great waste, even blocking primer costs exceed the project cost.

Third, there is pretreated before construction elements used machine, good machine grinding effect of course is good but the corresponding costs will be increased.

Fourth, the quality of the construction team, which includes the construction team is equipped with the hardware conditions fluorocarbon brand, as well as their quality construction team, excellent construction team, rich technology and experience, construction quality assurance, said the relatively high cost.