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Fluorocarbon brand thanks to excellent chemical inertness

The earliest "fluorocarbon paint" In fact, as early as in 1938, was born, is well-known DuPont Teflon coating that polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), poly-hexafluoropropylene (FEP) and other co-polymers. Such material its unique excellent heat resistance (180 ℃ -260 ℃), low temperature (-200 ℃), self-lubricating properties and chemical stability, etc., and is called "resist corrosion, never sticky Teflon" higher fluorocarbon generally divided trifluoromethyl and PTFE, PTFE corrosion resistance. Fluorocarbon brand due to the need to use high liquefaction temperature of the pigment dispersion is poor, it has only been used in non-stick pan, medical, aerospace and other fields, did not enter the field of architecture.

Fluorocarbon brand thanks to excellent chemical inertness, paint acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals and a variety of chemical solvents, as the substrate provides a protective barrier; the tough film - high surface hardness, impact resistance, buckling, wear resistance, and exhibits excellent mechanical properties. Maintenance-free, self-cleaning - fluorocarbon coating has an extremely low surface energy, surface dust can be self-cleaning by rain, excellent hydrophobic (maximum water absorption of less than 5%) and oil repellency, low friction coefficient (0.15 - 0.17), not sticky fouling, antifouling good.