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Fluorocarbon coating effect of the bridge

Over the years, along with the world economy undertaken, port machinery manufacturing showing a trend of rapid undertaken, which greatly promoted the Port coating machine to carry out. Port Machinery commodity because of prolonged exposure to the marine environment is under intense affect marine climate change (such as wind, rain, salt spray, air pollution, corrosion), Port Machinery make paint facing a very severe test. In order to reduce Port Machinery equipment repair and recoating workload, extend the life of port machinery goods, the function of matching paint port machinery goods made high request, fluorocarbon coating of protective coating to reach more than 10 years, which so that the average phenolic, alkyd, epoxy esters, chlorinated rubber coating species is difficult to be applied in the Hong Kong machine.

Fluorocarbon paint primer selection epoxy zinc-rich primer, A This product is imported epoxy resin, polyamide resin and zinc powder A, B two-component coatings. During which a large number of rich in zinc, zinc touch with each other and with the touch conductive substrate in the film, acts as an anode devotion. During the first, after the dissolution of zinc devotion, play steel cathodic protection; during the post, followed by corrosion of zinc in zinc dust particle accumulation center a lot of corrosion products, filling a paint layer, a transparent shield corrosion factor over that period after the shielding effect from the anti-corrosion effect.