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Fluorocarbon paint adhesion, excellent chemical resistance

Fluorocarbon paint refers to fluorine resin as the main film coating material; also known as fluorocarbon, fluorine coating, fluorine resin coating. Among the variety of coatings, fluorine resin coating due to the elements fluorine electronegativity large, strong carbon-fluorine bond can be introduced, particularly the superior performance. Weather resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, but also has a unique non-stick and low friction.

1, fluorocarbon paint with exceptional weather resistance, the film is not scraped off, do not fade for a long time, life expectancy up to 20 years.

2, fluorocarbon paint has outstanding stain-salt

3, fluorocarbon paint adhesion, excellent chemical resistance

4, fluorocarbon paint has excellent stain resistance washability.

5, the film soft song Ya, fog and fire retardant.