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Fluorocarbon products manufacturers outstanding performance

Fluorocarbon manufacturers of products with the introduction of the element fluorine electronegativity large, carbon-fluorine bond can be strong, especially having various functions winning. Weather resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical drug personality, and having a common non-stick and low conflicting. Through decades of rapid spreading, fluorine coating in construction, chemical industry, electronics industry, machinery industry, aerospace industry, in various fields have been widely used in household goods. Following into acrylic paint, polyurethane coatings, silicone coatings, high performance coatings, summed up the functional coatings brand.

Fluorocarbon manufacturers with its color-coated steel plate can be used as industrial plant roof and walls and interiors. In recent years, the use of fluorocarbon coating on the international level were glass walls bring light pollution control, municipal Beijing, Shanghai, also developed the corresponding regulations, glass curtain walls in high-rise buildings on the application area can not exceed 55%, and metal siding , with their diverse colors, long life, low maintenance costs and other characteristics of an ideal alternative species. Fluorine-containing monomers are commonly used tetrafluoroethylene (TFE), chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE), vinyl fluoride (VF) VDF, and the like. These fluorocarbon coating has excellent weather resistance, water resistance and oil resistance, has been in the metal case of non-metallic coating building materials, textiles and leather finishing, and other fields to obtain a wide range of applications.