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Recently, I have not been achieving my performance requirements (Salt Spray). Where do I start looking?

Troubleshooting a process line can be complicated. First determine if anything has changed in the incoming work piece. This would include the metal itself as well as the incoming soil. Then determine if anything has changed in the wash process. Concentrate heavily on the cleaning stage. Many of the downstream problems can be traced back to the efficiency of cleaning. Look for the proper concentrations, nozzle performance or alignment, temperatures, and bath cleanliness. You can often see visual signs of cleaning efficiency at the exit of the rinse stage following the cleaner. If cleaning is good, verify that the pretreatment coating is still up to snuff. Often there are visual changes if the pretreatment varies. This may show up as a color difference, blotchy appearance, etc. Keep in mind that the variation of the pretreatment may be caused by poor cleaning. Lastly, check the quality of the rinse water. The coating is only as good as the last liquid the part sees. Contaminated rinses can leave salty deposits that will dramatically reduce Salt Spray performance and may also affect coating adhesion.