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Basic Knowledge Of The External Walls Of Fluorocarbon

First, the construction of the external walls of fluorocarbon range: the security line and concierge area, exterior fluorocarbon brushing construction.

Second, the external walls of fluorocarbon Construction conditions: 1, the first wall of the external walls of acceptance, when the construction of the wall becomes dry, begin brushing the external walls of fluorocarbon. 2, to ensure acceptable quality ingredients, wherein the mesh, putty, mortar, all you need to verify. 3, brushing the external walls of fluorocarbon, need to use professional equipment such as drills, ruler, hanging baskets, air compressors, also must pass the inspection of lead. 4, reserve in advance to carry out the construction, including drainage, air conditioning is common for reserved holes reserved holes, before brushing exterior wall fluorocarbon, the reserved area for those ready to repair as soon as possible, to avoid large-scale modify. 5. In order to maintain a uniform characteristic color, exterior scaffolding there are some caveats, exterior scaffolding should not have wall pipe, tube wall.