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Bridge Fluorocarbon Coating System

A bridge project includes numerous branch portion, wherein the anti-corrosion coating is one of the important measures of protection, bridge steel structure will be subject to corrosion from various aspects of air pollution, acid rain, etc., will cause great damage to the steel structure of this is often the use of heavy-duty coatings strict protection.

Fluorocarbon as anti-corrosion coatings with a more widely used in the field of steel structure, due to the excellent anti-corrosion properties of fluorocarbon, by the user is recognized by the market. Fluorocarbon has a higher weathering characteristics, long-term outdoor use, not powder, not falling; self-cleaning properties make the film does not account for pollution, easy to clean surface; coating color variety, long-term color and gloss retention, excellent decorative . In anti-corrosion coatings and other supporting applications that can protect the bridge for 20 years.