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Five Anti-corrosion Coating Of Corrosion Environment

In water and soil erosion

As part of the steel immersed in water or buried in the soil time to pay special attention, in this case, the corrosion is usually concentrated in high corrosion rates a fraction of the location. Not recommended exposure test to evaluate the corrosive water and soil environment. However, it can still describe the different situations of flooding and buried.

Structures immersed in water

Water types include fresh, brackish or salt water, have a serious effect on the corrosion of steel. Corrosion is also affected by the oxygen content of the water and dissolved substances influence the type and quantity and water temperature. Animal and vegetable growth will accelerate corrosion. Water immersion environment can be divided into the following three areas:

Underwater areas: permanently submerged in the water place;

Intermediate region (water level changes): due to natural or human factors and changes in water level, water and atmosphere by intermittent linking regional cooperation and increase the use of corrosion;

Splash Zone: The waves splashing and mist areas can cause abnormally high stress corrosion, especially in salt water.