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Fluorocarbon What Colors

1, also known as fluorocarbon fluorocarbon finish, with a wide range of uses, can be used for mechanical equipment, bridges, vehicles, building facades, steel and other protection and decoration. Fluorocarbon can tune into a variety of colors to meet the needs of different parts, including solid colors, metallic paint and varnish.

2, more use fluorocarbon paint fluorocarbon paint, color, mostly black, gray and red, yellow, blue, green and other colors, each color according to the depth below and divided into a plurality of colors, such as gray lines, including dark gray, light gray, light gray, gray, and so the machine. Fluorocarbon various colors, gloss can be customized according to user needs, including light, flat and matte.

3, fluorocarbon metallic paint can be modulated golden, then add the powder, the film beautiful, decorative and strong. Fluorocarbon Fluorocarbon varnish colorless transparent varnish paint, varnish transparency, and for the surface coating paint or metallic paint, play the role of varnish, enhancing coating fullness and texture. Fluorocarbon metallic paint fluorocarbon metallic paint refers to materials added to the metal powder to form a metallic texture paint fluorocarbon metallic paint is the most commonly used is aluminum, rendering silver, aluminum reflects UV rays can reduce sun damage on the film , it can be divided into thin silver flash, the flash of silver and crude flash silver.