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Fluorocarbon Metallic Paint -Single Component

Fluorocarbon Metallic Paint -Single Component Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:SW4521

  • Appearance:Solvent

  • Main Raw Material:Acrylic

  • Method:Brush, Roller, Airless Spray

  • Level:Finish Coat

  • Certification:ISO14001, ISO9001

  • Substrate:Cement,Lime, Concrete, Tiles

Fluorocarbon Metallic Paint -Single Component Product Description

       This single component coating is made of excellent weather-proofing FEVE and high performance acrylic resin, aluminum paste or pearl pigment and other auxiliaries and solvents. It is applied to various exterior walls of buildings, roofs and many kinds of building materials such as PVC pipes for ageing-resistant and decorative protection.

Fluorocarbon Metallic Paint -Single Component Product Features:
Excellent weather-resistance and good decorative performance
Good scrub resistance
Waterproofing , mould and algae resistant
Convenient construction

Fluorocarbon Metallic Paint -Single Component Physical Parameter:
Sheen:  10-50/60°, the actual gloss can be negotiated
Color:  refer to specialized color card
Solids Content:≥ 35%
Proportion:  0.960~1.10 g/L
Storage Period: Storage for one year in shady, dry and well-ventilated places
Theoretical Coverage: 5~7/kg

Fluorocarbon Metallic Paint -Single Component Construction Reference:
Surface Preparation: Surfaces should be clean, dry and solid before coating.
Application :  Brush, roller, airless spray
Spray Pressure:  3-5Kgf/cm2
Nozzle Diameter:  Gravity type 1.3~1.5 mm
Construction Condition: Temperature at 5-35 degree Celsius, Humidity < 75 %, avoid coating in rainy, snowy, foggy and windy days
Mixture Ratio and Curing Time:  Thinner: SF2320, specialized fluorocarbon paint thinner;  Dilution Ratio: 70%-80%, do not overly diluted
Drying Time: touch dry <30min;   hard dry: ≤24h

Fluorocarbon Metallic Paint -Single Component Product Standard:
GB/T 9757-2001 Qualified Product

Health and Safety Instruction :
1.  Protection measures before construction and keep construction site well-ventilated. Avoid contacting with eyes, rinse with water or go to see a doctor if the paint splashes into the eyes.
2.  Never dump any types of paints down the drain and sewer pipe.
3.  This product contains flammable materials, keep fire away in storage and under construction, no smoking in construction site.

Fluorocarbon Metallic Paint -Single Component Product Project:

Testing  Item Technical  Index
Adhesion Level 2
Waterproof performance / 96h Normal
Alkali-resistant performance / 48h Normal
Scrub resistance 5000
QUV / 1000h No chalking, no cracks

 Fluorocarbon Metallic Paint -Single Component.png