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It Is Durable Fluorocarbon Coating

Fluorocarbon coating fluorocarbon dedicated cracking putty selection: Fluorocarbon cracking putty special chlorotrifluoroethylene - vinyl acetate type fluorocarbon coating formulation

Chlorotrifluoroethylene - vinyl acetate type fluorocarbon coating formulation additives: water = 20; 1; 8 share will be the deployment of putty, putty is necessary to carry out full uniform mixing by hand drill. Place the longest time of 4 hours, must not exceed four hours use, has solidified slurry can not use it; view wall look for particulate dust and other contaminants, it should be finishing clean. Using two-meter-long aluminum foot dragging by the putty, the first vertical scratch again, and then cross scratch again, running on foot speed and force should be balanced, or will be along the direction of foot movement constituted by the waves shape and affect its flatness. Posted decoration tape, according to the requirements of the sector grid division, bounded lattice points Phi After putty, then pass by the tear tape. Fluorocarbon coating putty batch inserts typically 4-5 times; 6. After sanding putty dry (usually no more than 4 hours). Time is too long, putty dry and hard, it will be difficult sanding (sandpaper and human waste), it is necessary to polish the rough and greasy surfaces thoroughly, otherwise the subsequent construction will spoil a lot of putty.