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Proper Use Of Water-based Fluorocarbon Paint

Excellent stain resistance: the water-based fluorocarbon coating dense molecular structure determines the film hard, low surface energy, and the film surface from the lure of high voltage (high resistivity) are unlikely to cause static electricity, with strong antifouling and strong hydrophobicity. 2, long-lasting weather resistance: water-based fluorocarbon paint outdoor weather resistance. Ultra High bond C-F bond energy, the coating is extremely chemical stability, due to the couch and fluorocarbon coating has excellent resistance to UV degradation and ultra-weather performance. 3, the ideal scrub resistance: water-based fluorocarbon coating film dense, smooth feel, surface adhesion can rinse with water, can also be used to wipe the diluent. 4, excellent chemical resistance: use of fluorine resin formulated waterborne fluorocarbon coating, the crosslinked cured, has excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance. 5, good salt spray resistance: water-based fluorocarbon coating after 2000h salt spray test, the film without any change. This product is also excellent mildew resistance and flame resistance, making it well suited for wet and foggy climate and coastal environment.