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Pure Polyester Powder Coating

Pure Polyester Powder Coating Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Ral Colours

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Level: Finish Coat

  • Certification: ISO9001, SGS

  • Components: Resin, Pigment, Curing Agents and Additives

  • Expiration Date: 1 Year

  • Origin: China

  • Color: Ral Colour Cards

  • Main Raw Material: Epoxy

  • Method: Spray

  • Substrate: Metal

  • Formation Mechanism: Non Conversion Type

  • Powder Coating: Pure Polyester

  • Specification: SGS

  • HS Code: 3206499000

Pure Polyester Powder Coating Product Description

Pure polyester powder coating

1.General introduction:

  Pure polyester powder coating is made of polyester resin with hydroxyl. It has excellent weather resistance, so usually referred to durable powder coating.

2.Pure Polyester Powder Coating Applications:

   Pure polyester powder coating can be used for road signs pile , auto industry , transportation equipments , air-conditioned enclosure , armrest ,fences and so on.

3.Pure Polyester Powder Coating Product series: 
  The products include high light ( above 86%),glazed (76%-85%),matte(20%-50%),low light (below 20%). We also offer a variety of shiny products according to the needs of users.

4.Pure Polyester Powder Coating Powder physical properties: 


   Proportion : 1.2-1.8 (depending on the color and gloss ) .


   Particle size distribution: 100% less than 125 microns (more than 85%          
   between 60 to 90).


   Curing conditions:200°C,10 minutes.

5.Average coverage:

   8-10/kg, the membrane is 60μm(calculate by 100% utilization rate of powder coating).

6.Pure Polyester Powder Coating Packing:

   Carton packaging, lined with double polyethylene bag, net weight 20 kg.
7.Storage requirements:

   Store below 30 °C, ventilated, dry, clean room, not near the fire, heat, direct sunlight, open dumps is prohibited.Under this condition, the powder can be stable for 12 months, more than the storage period may be re-examined, such as the results meet the requirements, can still be used.

8.Health and safety:
  This product is non-toxic. In the course of inhalation of dust should be avoided. The operators should wear  appropriate dust mask and glasses.
9.Pure Polyester Powder Coating Coating performance

Coating performance
Test itemsInspection standardsTest indicators
High lightGlazed/Matte/Low light 
Impact resistanceISO6272GB/T1732-199350kg/cm40kg/cm
Cupping testISO1520GB/T9753-19888mm7mm
The adhesion (grid method)ISO2409GB/T9286-19980
Pencil HardnessASTMD3363GB/T6739-19961H-2H
Salt spray testISO7253GB/T1771-1991>500 hours
Damp heat testISO6270GB/T1740-1979>1000 hours
Heat resistance110°C/24 hours(white)Good gloss retention,E≤0.3-0.4
Florida weathering exposureISO2810South 45 °,12monsGloss retention≥50%
Artificial accelerated aging60°C/8hours + 50°C/4hours condensing,cycle for 500hoursGloss retention≥50%                         Color stability:E≤0.35
Annotate:1.The above experiment uses 0.8mm steel with degreasing and rusting, and the coating thickness are 50-70 microns.
 2.The above coating performance may be lower as shiny and slightly lower.


10.Why choose our products?

1). We have our own factory. The good quality and the competitive is the advantage of our company. 
2). The material we choose is always good and products always come out with high quality. 
3). A trial order or sample orders are welcomed. 
4). Our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions in the world. 
5). We will do our best to service you all the time if you have the further question.

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