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Related Issues Facades Fluorocarbon Product Knowledge

First, the advantages: the external walls of fluorocarbon toughness, scrub resistance, stain resistance, gloss and color retention properties are more prominent. Gloss and color can be long-term, easy to clean, tough film, small by sand, dust, haze and other effects. Exterior Wall Fluorocarbon is more suitable for use roller coating method.

Second, characteristics: two component fluorocarbon finish, designed for decorative concrete surface, anti-corrosion coating. Weatherability, self-cleaning, stain and scrub. For urban facades, facades and other coating plant.

Three parameters: Project Index Paint color and appearance of smooth, standard model impact strength,, ≥50 bending resistance (flexibility), mm, ≤1 hardness (pendulum), not less than 0.6 Hardness (pencil method) of not less than 2H adhesion (grid method) ≤1 mortar resistance (24h) no abnormality water resistance (168h) no abnormality moisture thermal cycling resistance (10 times) no abnormal abrasion resistance, resistance times ≥10000 pollution by stain resistance (white or light-colored). % (Including aluminum, pearlescent pigment paint except) 10 solvent wiping, times, ≥ (Ⅰ type of xylene, Ⅱ type of butanone) 100 artificial accelerated aging (2000h) no cracks, discoloration ≤3 level, The loss of light grade ≤3 northern sunshine conditions (5 years) no powder, allowing a slight discoloration of fresh Movies, Gd value of 0.6 to 0.8.