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Self-Cleaning Anti-Fouling and Flashover Coating

Self-Cleaning Anti-Fouling and Flashover Coating Basic Info

  • Method: Brush

  • Use: Electrical Insulating Varnish

Self-Cleaning Anti-Fouling and Flashover Coating Product Description

Ordinary anti-fouling flash coatings possess good hydrophobicity, hydrophobicity transference and excellent electrical performance, and their chemical stability is also very high. It forms solid coating on porcelain insulator surface to improve the insulator filth lightning pressure. However, the material coating of silicon rubber anti-fouling flash coating is easy to adsorb dust. In order to overcome the disadvantages, it is a good way to use fluorine modification anti-fouling flash coating. Fluorine material surface tension is very low, and having good performance of themselves on the surface.

Use organic silicon and organic fluorine form an ambient curable polymer compound (Silicon and fluorine copolymerization of SRTV) to avoid disadvantages between the two kinds of material performance and develop advantage. It is a long-term anti-pollution flashover of high self-cleaning coatings with excellent self-cleaning, hydrophobic, hate oil, weather resistance and good electrical properties. Its formulations is through organic fluorine and silicone rubber polymerization, to use the paint self-laying technology, design an anti-fouling flash coating about Silicon- fluorine copolymerization similar to silicon at the bottom and fluoride on the surface. It reserves the fine antifouling function of organosilicon antifouling flash coating. It combines the fluorine material good hatred greasiness and self-lubricating not quite apparent. Therefore we produce an anti-fouling flashover coating of high hydrophobility, oleophobic property and self-cleaning.

Self-Cleaning Anti-Fouling and Flashover Coating Product Properties:

SRTV is maintenance-free and self-cleaning. The Fluorocarbon coating has a very low surface energy, and the dust on the surface will do self-cleaning through rainwater by itself. It is of excellent Hydrophobicity (Maximum water absorption is less than 5%); Moreover, it is of high oleophobic property and little coefficient of friction (0.15~0.17). It won' glue dust or dirt, and its anti-fouling property is good.

SRTV is of long durability, and it contains a large number of F-C bonds which determine its super stability. Not powder, no-fade, its service life is more than 20 years. SRTV possesses more excellent Performance than any other types.

Its hydrophobicity transfer time is 2 ~ 3 times faster than ordinary anti-fouling flash paints. The loss time of hydrophobic and hydrophobicity Transfer is 10 times longer than that of ordinary anti-fouling flash coating which is only about 1~2days. SRTV coating can run more than 20 days in the same weather compared with ordinary coatings. SRTV ensures the equipments run safe and reliably under heavy weather.

Self-Cleaning Anti-Fouling and Flashover Coating Product Application:

SRTV is mainly applied for the external insulation and anti-fouling treatment of substation and power distribution equipments. It is also used as the external insulation protection of AC and DC system devices running under foul working conditions to prevent the pollution flashover thus to enhance the insulation level of equipments.

For more information/product technical parameters, please feel free to contact us.

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