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The Importance Of Fluorocarbon Fluoride Content

Mainstream high-end FEVE fluorine resin, theoretical fluorine content 25% or more, relative fluorine content of more than 90%. Railways bridge protection coating standard TB / T1527-2004 standards and Japan more than 15% fluorine content indicators, HG / T3792 standard fluorocarbon fluorine content of 18%. Communications Industry Standard JT / T695-2007 "concrete bridge structure surface corrosion coating technology" specified in fluorocarbon finish fluorine content should be greater than or equal to 20%.

How much is directly related to the fluorocarbon fluoride content in corrosion resistance is good or bad weather, it is also associated with the production costs of manufacturers Union, the higher the cost, the higher the fluorine content, the low cost, the lower fluorine content, in order to meet most users demand, price of the product to meet the different stages, paint companies also conducted a market adjustment, introduced more fluorocarbon variety.