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Water Based Wood Varnish for Furniture/Waterproof

Water Based Wood Varnish for Furniture/Waterproof Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Ls-640

  • Morphology: Water Emulsion

  • Material: Acrylic

  • Main Agent Composition: Acrylic Acid

  • Promoter Composition: Acrylic

  • Color: White

  • Appearance: Milky White Adhesive Liquid

  • pH Value: 6.5-7

  • Residual Monomer: ≤0.3%

  • Shelf Life: 12 Months

  • Transport Package: 50 Kg Plastic Drum or 1000 Kg Plastic Barrels.

  • Origin: China

  • Bonding Function: Structural Adhesive

  • Application: Construction, Woodworking, Fiber & Garment, Packing

  • Classification: Home Decoration Adhesive

  • Characteristic: Waterproof

  • Composition: Acrylic Acid

  • Model: Ls-640

  • Viscosity(25oC Cps): 9000-10000cps

  • Solid Content: 42%

  • Film-Forming Temperature: 10 C

  • Specification: 50 KG plastic drum or 1000 KG plastic barrels.

  • HS Code: 3505200000

Water Based Wood Varnish for Furniture/Waterproof Product Description

Water Based Wood Varnish for Furniture/Waterproof Product Features:
Waterborne Wood coatings is wood coatings technical difficulty and high-tech products.Waterborne Wood coatings with its toxic environmentally friendly, odorless,less volatile, inflammable burst of high security, not yellow, brushing the area more and more advantages with the enhancement of environmental awareness was welcomed by the market.

Water Based Wood Varnish for Furniture/Waterproof Technical Parameters:

AppearanceMilky white adhesive liquid
Viscosity(25oC cps)9000-10000CPS
Solid content≥42%
FunctionsEnvironmentally friendly, nontoxic, pollution-free
Packing25 kg, 50 kg, 1000 kg plastic bucket
Curing time(25oC)20-30 minutes
Film-forming temperature10 c
DeliveryPayment within 15 days after delivery

This product conforms to GB / 18583-2008 standard

Water Based Wood Varnish for Furniture/Waterproof Product features:
1.This product is 90 oC not return to stick with nuclear shell structure.
2.Good film, high gloss, leveling your color wood
3.Synthetic process using a variety of cross-linking technology, hardness, water resistance and other areas have good
4.This product does not contain any substances harmful to humans, the environment.

Water Based Wood Varnish for Furniture/Waterproof Instructions for use:
Shake well before using 25mm spraying.
1.Water-wood-paint coating should be carried out upon completion of the woodworking.
2.No matter how limited narrow space environment must be clean no dust, fly ash and clutter.
3.Painting environment is best at room temperature and constant temperature and humidity below 70% is accompanied by the gentle ventilation.This ensures rapid moisture evaporation under reduced or elimination of wood particles, hairs thorns and so on.
4.Coating temperature below 15 degrees centigrade or above 30 ° c will affect the coating effect.
Coating should choose weather.
5.Spray paint on the front must not be covered up side to paint mist contaminated.
6.Brushing with a soft brush is not hair, soft, absorbent and strong hair stroked firmly fixed before use after water washed and dried before use.
7.Taken must advance before the paint brush dipped in water wet but not dripping or paint dry quickly scrapped or paint paint brush dried residue affects the results.
8.Spray ordinary air compressor or air spray-airless high pressure Airless spraying machine not commonly .Used for high finishing.Gun diameter 1.0 - 1.2mm 3-5barpressure paint output is adjustable.

Water Based Wood Varnish for Furniture/Waterproof.png